The CMMC/NIST Roadmap is a snapshot of your network configuration, data flow, and user behaviors against NIST 800-171 and ITAR cybersecurity requirements.



This CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) Roadmap provides a summary report of the 110 CMMC 2.0 Maturity Level 2 (ML 2) controls and specifies which practices are met, which practices are not met, and describes in general terms the actions necessary to meet the unmet practices in preparation for a Certified Assessment to be completed by an authorized Cybersecurity 3rd Party Authorized Organization (C3PAO).

Additional reporting also includes describing the scoping boundary, the general network topology, strategic policy overview, the SSP and POA&M.


CaaS (Compliance as a Service) is the process we undertake to build a secure information ecosystem that meets compliance requirements where necessary, and is resilient where not needed to be compliant.

For CMMC/NIST, Future Networking’s goal is to improve our client’s DFAR/SPRS score and get the organization to, and maintain, a state of compliance with strong cybersecurity hygiene and a vigilant cybersecurity culture. Achieving this objective should also provide the client the best opportunity to pass an independent CMMC Maturity Level 2 (ML2) Certified Assessment.

global-network-CMMCNIST ROADMAP