Achieve DFARS & ITAR cybersecurity compliance to win and maintain DoD contracts.

FNI delivers a snapshot of your environment, then qualifies solutions to protect your data while meeting compliance standards, tailoring every solution to your unique IT environment.

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With 25 years of experience, FNI knows how to streamline and harden your network.

FNI’s real-world knowledge and proven skill generate the greatest efficiencies and maximize outcomes. Quality work plus quality product equals quality results. We know what it takes to make your network more resilient and more secure.


CaaS (Compliance as a Service) means compliance done right.

We are experts in NIST frameworks and the CMMC assessment approach. FNI uses this expertise to provide IT services for our clients. As a full-stack MSSP, FNI puts compliance at the forefront.

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We’re not just talk

At FNI, we believe in the power of action. We understand that cybersecurity is not just about compliance, it’s also about resilience.

A meaningful conversation with you is the first step towards understanding your company’s unique security needs. But we don’t stop there.

FNI goes beyond dialogue. We put our words into action by implementing robust safeguards designed to fend off cyber-attacks. Simultaneously, we align our strategies to meet your specific compliance requirements.

Choose action. Choose FNI.