Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") is intended to provide information about how FNI, INC manages the information site visitors & clients share with our company.

Protecting the data of clients & site visitors is a core value of FNI so we strive to only acquire the minimum amount of data required to provide the maximum level of service and support. We collect details you choose to disclose as well as data generated by sales and our products & services. This data may detail how these products & services are used and how they perform. In addition to gathering information to enhance the overall experience of our clients, third party website data analytics tools may gather general, aggregated statistics and other information that FNI has little or no control over. This information provides a broad overview of website visitor traffic without personally identifiable information.


Information We May Collect

Personal Information that FNI,INC gathers from Clients & site visitors may include –

  • Business name and/or individual contact name
  • E-mail, Physical, Mailing address
  • Phone number and Fax Number (if supplied)
  • Purchases & transaction information
  • Credit card number and other payment information

We may collect Client & Site Visitor Information when: 

  • Clients & Site Visitors visit or interact with our website
  • Clients & Site Visitors sign up, subscribe, or create an account with us
  • Clients & Site Visitors interact with our communications via phone, e-mail, social media, fax, physical mail or other means.
  • Clients & Site Visitors contact us about products & services
  • Clients & Site Visitors contact us for customer service or technical support
  • Clients & Site Visitors interact with us on social media
  • Clients & Site Visitors participate in our polls or surveys
  • Clients & Site Visitors interact with an advertisement or marketing promotion

The purpose of our data gathering is to enhance the quality of our services, document work performed, document transactions, and to evaluate the effectiveness and value of campaigns, products, services and site content. We do not gather this information for sale to third parties nor do we sell this information.  We keep Client & Site Visitor data secured and only share it when absolutely necessary to provide products and services.


How We May Use the Information We Collect:

  • To track the quality of our products, services, and support.
  • For internal record keeping and account management.
  • To deliver, install, provide and fulfill requests or orders for products, services, information and to implement subscription services.
  • To determine product and service availability for locations and areas provided by Clients & Site Visitors.
  • To track and confirm orders for products, services or information.
  • For processing discounts, returns, and related activities
  • To conduct research and analysis to evaluate effectiveness of and improve products, services, support, partnerships, site performance, marketing, and other business-related functions.
  • To respond to Client & Site Visitor client communications.
  • To notify Clients & Site Visitors of potential cyber security issues or other potential issues related to products, services, etc. that may impact Clients & Site Visitors or FNI, INC.
  • To respond to, evaluate, mitigate, or otherwise correct potential cyber security issues or other potential issues related to products, services, etc. that may impact Clients & Site Visitors or FNI, INC.
  • To comply with legal requests from law enforcement agencies, government entities, courts of law, or other such requests that FNI, INC is required by law to disclose such information.
  • For billing, collections and recovery processes.
  • To send promotions to make Clients & Site Visitors aware of new arrivals, offers or other information via provided communication methods.
  • To inform law enforcement or other responsible agencies of threats, illegal activities, spam, harassment, or to otherwise provide documentation for the purpose of taking legal action or related activities.

FNI, INC does not sell, rent, or exchange your personal information with third parties for profit. 

FNI, INC may provide or transfer Client & Site Visitor information to third parties as part of a merger, corporate sale, acquisition, sale or similar events. FNI, INC will notify Clients & Site Visitors via email and/or phone call, physical mail, as well as posts on our social media accounts and website(s).

How We Protect Your Information

We secure Client & Site Visitor data by restricting access to individuals who need it to do their work and partners who require it to provide products and services for Clients & Site Visitors. We believe data privacy is paramount to data security.

We use gateway and network security, industry best practices, encryption, data segregation, access limitations, and other measures as needed to protect the integrity and privacy of Client & Site Visitor data.

Client & Site Visitor Data Collection & Control

Clients & Site Visitors can restrict and control some of the data FNI, INC and the website collects.

(a) Communications from FNI, INC

Clients & Site Visitors may opt out of promotional emails from us by following the steps detailed in such communications or by notifying us directly in writing to our address. Other communications such as order and transaction notifications, security or other issues of concern, legal notices, and similar may still be sent to Clients & Site Visitors as needed.

(b) Cookies and Tracking

Clients & Site Visitors may exercise control over cookies via browser settings and other measures. Each browser is unique, and Clients & Site Visitors must follow the processes provided by the browser to determine the process to control cookies and other related privacy and security settings that may be available. Ad blockers and tolls such as Privacy Badger may also provide additional options and control.

 (c) Device Data

When FNI, INC is given access to Client & Site Visitor devices to provide products, services, or support we may also gain access to data on those devices. In the event that such data is transmitted to or otherwise stored on devices or locations under the legal control of FNI, INC, Clients & Site Visitors may request to have that data destroyed.

 (d) Communications from Business Partners & Third Parties

If Clients & Site Visitors receive messages from FNI, INC business partners or third parties as a result of products, services, or support we have provided they should use the available opt out mechanisms within those communications. If such entities fail to provide or honor such opt out requests, Clients & Site Visitors are encouraged to notify FNI, INC of this behavior so we can investigate and assist in correcting that behavior.

(e) Removal & Failure to Remove Information:

FNI, INC makes every attempt to only collect information that is absolutely required to provide and support the products, services and support we supply to Clients & Site Visitors. Requests from Clients & Site Visitors to remove information we have collected will be honored to the maximum extent allowed by law and reasonable accounting and account management.

(f) Social Media Sites

Before Clients & Site Visitors interact with us on social networks, they should read our Terms of Service. Clients & Site Visitors may interact with FNI, INC and or FNI, INC staff on Social Media sites. All information Clients & Site Visitors post on our Social Media sites is public and may be open to anyone with internet access. All information and communications shared there as well as any personal details may be viewed and collected by anyone with internet access and FNI, INC has no control over those parties. We strongly discourage Clients & Site Visitors from providing personal information or any details that may have a negative impact on Clients & Site Visitors or their products, services, and systems. We may collect, save, respond to, transmit, or otherwise utilize Client & Site Visitor social media interactions with FNI, INC for any or all of the actions and activities we have detailed concerning the other Client & Site Visitor information we collect via other means.

Privacy Policy Updates

We encourage clients & Site Visitors to check this Privacy Policy page regularly to check for updates or changes to our Privacy Policy. Visiting the FNI website, interacting with FNI on Social Media, or making inquiries or purchases of FNI products, services, or support constitute acceptance of Privacy Policy including any changes or updates.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

Visiting the FNI website, interacting with FNI on Social Media, or making inquiries or purchases of FNI products, services, or support constitute acceptance of the FNI Privacy Policy and FNI Terms of Service including any changes or updates. Questions regarding the FNI Privacy Policy or Terms of Service may be directed to FNI on the Contact Us page.