Introducing The Unbox, the new all-in-one IT system

Powered by the cloud, managed from anywhere.


Wi-Fi access points (APs) provide a secure solution for supporting employees on the move, or fixed devices that use Wi-Fi

Guest Access

Guest traffic completely isolated from business traffic throughout the entire system


1TB storage can be partitioned into storage drives ranging in size from 10 GB to 900 GB

Integrated Voice

Works with Cloud and on-premises solutions and Preset configurations exist for many common manufacturers


Deep packet inspection that identifies threats embedded in otherwise legitimate traffic

Ethernet Switching

Need more than 8 Ports? Not a problem, Unbox offers optional POE capable switches


VPNs provide direct access to networks from home computers or at offsite locations such as coffee shops, airports, and hotels.

DNS Filter

Works with WebTitan and other DNS web filtering services to protect specific groups

The easiest user interface in the industry

Enterprise class hardware

Deployed on premise for easy provisioning

Stateful Traffic Firewall

Looks deep for cyber security threats & provides a secure perimeter for your network.

Software and cloud-based value added services

such as a VPN, guest and employee Wi-Fi access, file server, cloud backup and diagnostics

Automatic Updates

to equipment ensure that you always have the latest capabilities and strongest security posture available.

Pervasive security

Built into the equipment, services and support

Unified Solution

A variety of solutions in one device. Efficiency, value, and effectiveness define the Unbox.

The Simplest Solution for Small Businesses

Unbox delivers the
key IT infrastructure services every small business
needs — LAN, Wi-Fi, file server and backup, VPN,
business-class security, and more. Uplevel’s hybrid
delivery model combines powerful, integrated
hardware onsite with cloud-based management
and proactive alerts

Ensure ultra-high quality with high-performance hardware and software. Every gateway includes two WAN ports that can protect against ISP failure.

  • Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, with multiple access points
  • Intrusion protection using deep packet inspection to catch malware
  • One-click site-to-site VPN - connect multiple offices with ease
  • Hassle-free remote access VPN with nothing to install on client laptops
  • Domain Filtering blocks time-wasting or malicious websites
  • Stateful firewall - with per-country threat blocking
  • Built-in storage partitioned into network shares
  • Instant snapshots, to protect against ransomware
  • Cloud backups and archives, for disaster recovery
  • Dual WAN with load balancing and failover

Corporates’ Executive Managers

The easiest user interface in the industry

  • See status, statistics and detailed analysis on one dashboard
  • Access from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, no apps to install
  • Receive dashboard alerts and email or TTS notifications
    When the Internet is down or a Wi-Fi Access Point is unplugged
  • When WAN failover happens
  • When an address conflict is detected
  • When the storage gets full or a backup fails
  • When the firewall starts seeing malware packets
  • And much more…

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